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A personal injury can cause a great deal of difficulty for a victim and their family, but many people are able to recover from their injuries, and even if they suffer a permanent disability, they can usually make accommodations and return to some semblance of normalcy. Unfortunately, this is not possible when injuries are fatal. In these cases, a victim's family members will not only face emotional difficulties due to the loss of their loved one, but they may also struggle financially, especially if the victim was a primary income earner for the family. To address these issues, family members may be able to pursue compensation through a wrongful death claim or lawsuit.

When taking legal action against a person or company who caused someone's death through negligence, family members need to work with an attorney who is experienced in these types of cases. At the law firm of Karchmar & Lambert, P.C., our lawyers have been working in the legal field for a combined total of over 50 years, and we have successfully represented numerous clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases. When you work with us, we will work tirelessly to make sure your family is fully compensated for the loss of your loved one.

Pursuing Compensation for a Loved One's Wrongful Death

If a person was killed because of someone else's negligence or wrongful actions, their surviving family members can take steps to hold the responsible party liable. While receiving money will not bring back a lost loved one, it can address many of the expenses related to a person's death, and it can provide a family with resources to help them meet their ongoing needs. The damages that family members may be able to receive in a wrongful death lawsuit include:

  • Medical expenses - A family may be left holding the bill for the medical treatment a person received before their death. These costs may include emergency medical care, hospitalization, surgery, medications, or palliative care meant to ease a person's pain and suffering. These costs should be fully covered by the party who was responsible for the victim's death.
  • Loss of income - Without the income that the victim would have been able to earn, a family may be unable to pay their ongoing expenses. Family members should be compensated for all of the income that the victim would have earned throughout the rest of their natural lifetime, as well as other employment-related benefits, such as medical insurance or retirement savings.
  • Funeral and burial expenses - The liable party may be required to pay all costs related to the disposal of the victim's remains.
  • Loss of companionship - A family should be compensated for the loss of the love and support their loved one would have provided to them. These types of damages may address the harm done to family relationships, as well as the instruction and caregiving that a parent would have provided to their children and the services that a person would have provided to their family and household.
  • Grief and sorrow - Family members may experience significant emotional trauma due to the loss of their loved one, and compensation may address the costs of mental health treatment and other ways these issues have affected their lives.
  • Punitive damages - In cases where a person was killed because of someone's reckless or intentional actions, such as drunk driving, additional damages may be awarded as punishment for this behavior.

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If your family is struggling to deal with the death of a loved one, the attorneys of Karchmar & Lambert, P.C. can help you hold the liable parties accountable for your loss. We will fight to make sure you receive the financial compensation that will allow you to address your ongoing needs and recover from this traumatic event as much as possible. Contact us today at 312-977-1300 to arrange a free consultation. We provide legal help with wrongful deaths and other types of injury cases in Cook County, Chicago, and the surrounding suburbs, including neighborhoods such as Chatham, Gresham, Kenwood, Pullman, Austin, Englewood, South Shore, Ashburn, Bronzeville, and Garfield Park.

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