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Case Results

$7.5 Million - Wrongful Death for a man killed by Police

$6 Million - Wrongful Death for a man killed in a Canopy/Roof Collapse

Sandra Bland Settlement $1.9 Million plus historic and revolutionary mandatory changes in jail policies

$5 million dollar judgment for a wrongful death

$5 million settlement for a woman involved in a bus accident that resulted in a partial leg loss

$3.25 million for the family of a 14-year-old boy who drowned on a school field trip

$3 million for a woman involved in an auto/truck collision

$1.852 million for 2 girls killed in a fire in Indiana

$1.5 million for man fatally hit by a travel van

$1.5 million for an older women seriously injured by a work vehicle

$1.125 million for a woman who drowned in Lake Michigan

$650,000 – slip and fall at a grocery store

$600,000 for a father mistakenly locked in a visitor’s room at the Cook County Jail

$550,000 – department store shooting

$522,500 – car accident

$500,000 – resolution for a concussion and facial injury

$500,000 – car accident / auto crash w/ a broken leg

$360,000 – pedestrian injury

$300,000 – automobile accident

$275,000 – nursing home negligence resolution

$246,428.01 – verdict for a motor vehicle accident with a municipal vehicle

$250,000 and under – too numerous to list

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