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After a Vehicle Accident – Hire An Accident Attorney

The Accident Attorneys of Karchmar & Lambert, P.C. have the skill, knowledge and experience to ensure the strongest possible case for your car accident case. Establishing proof in your car accident injury case is essential. We realize the importance of identifying witnesses and interviewing the reporting police officer(s). If necessary, our law firm can retain accident reconstruction experts to help demonstrate liability. Once liability is determined in a car accident case, our next step is to prove and quantify the seriousness of your injuries to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve.

We Have The Resources to Fight For You

Our law firm has extensive contacts in the medical community to assist our clients in documenting the seriousness of their car accident injury. In many cases, we find it necessary to use medical experts, economists, and even life care planners to fully document the extent of a client’s injuries.

Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Even if the accident case seems simple, you need an experienced law firm like Karchmar & Lambert, P.C. to defend your rights to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve. The insurance company has a team of lawyers protecting their best interests, you should have a legal team to fight for your best interests too.

Recent studies have shown that accident and injury victims receive consistently higher settlements (even after attorneys’ fees) when they hire an attorney than if they fight the insurance company alone.

We can help you with these vehicle & transportation cases:

  • Accidents Involving Uninsured / Underinsured Driver’s
  • Bus & Vehicle Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Charter Bus Accidents
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  • Construction Vehicle Accidents
  • Construction Zone Accidents
  • CTA & Vehicle Accidents
  • Dangerous / Defective Road Accidents
  • Delivery Truck Accidents
  • Distracted Driving Accidents
  • Drunk Driving & Vehicle Accidents
  • Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Garbage Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Public Transportation Accidents
  • Reckless Driving Accidents
  • Rental Vehicle Accidents
  • RV / Recreational Vehicle Accidents
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Semi-Truck / 18 Wheeler Accidents
  • School Bus Accidents
  • Texting While Driving Accidents
  • Tow Truck Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Vehicle / Cyclist Accidents
  • Vehicle / Pedestrian Accidents
  • Work Zone Accidents
  • Wrongful Death / Vehicle Accidents

Some Common Injuries Due To Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Back Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Head Injuries
  • Injuries To Children
  • Leg & Arm Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Passenger Injuries
  • Seatbelt Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries

We can help you understand

  • Do I have a case?
  • How much your motor vehicle or transportation claim may be worth?
  • Statement to the Insurance Company & Insurance Claim Do’s & Don’ts
  • Tips for dealing with the insurance company
  • What is the vehicle or transportation accident / injury claim process?
  • What steps should you take after a vehicle or transportation accident or injury?
  • What to do after a vehicle or transportation accident?
  • What to do if your insurance claim is rejected?
  • Who is liable or at fault for your vehicle or transportation accident or injury?

After a Car Accident – Hire An Accident Attorney

Don’t Sign A Settlement Without Talking To An Attorney

Your wellbeing is most the important aspect of your case and we will fight to ensure your physical and emotional injuries are compensated. A car accident can result in any of the following injuries:

  • Loss of income (current or future income)
  • Permanent or temporary physical impairment
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Overall pain and suffering

Motorcycle Accident Facts and Statistics

Consider these facts about motorcycle accidents before you hop on your bike. Our motorcycle accident attorneys have extensive experience helping injured bikers and urge you to think about your safety first. Wear proper safety gear, such as a jacket (with pads), gloves, boots, and of course, a helmet. Always wear your safety gear, even when running errands only a short distance away, here’s why:

  • Most motorcycle accidents involve a short trip. Typically, these trips are associated with errands, visiting friends, entertainment, shopping, or recreation. In fact, a motorcycle accident is most likely to happen close to the trip origin.
  • Approximately 75 percent of all motorcycle accidents involved another vehicle.
  • In 67 percent of all motorcycle accident cases involving another vehicle, the driver of the other vehicle (most oftentimes a passenger automobile) is at fault for violating the motorcyclists’ right of way.
  • Motorcycle riders are at an extremely high risk for injury during an accident, and that is compounded by the seriousness of typical motorcycle accident injuries.
  • The most common fatal injuries to accident victims are injuries to the chest and head.
  • The wearing of a helmet is the single most critical factor in the prevention or reduction of head injury.

[Source: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) data]

Chicago Illinois Truck Accident Attorneys

Throughout the state of Illinois, truck accident injuries are rampant. Laws governing trucking accidents are much more complicated than a simple car accident case. Also remember, laws change by state, so it is imperative that you hire an attorney that is well versed in Illinois truck accident law, like the truck accident attorneys at Karchmar & Lambert, P.C.

Put Our Trucking Accident Experience to Work For You

Each and every trucking accident attorney at our law firm has extensive experience handling truck accidents involving all types of commercial trucks, hazardous waste carriers, semi-trailers, delivery trucks, 18 wheelers, government trucks, firefighting equipment and even pickup trucks.

We’ve settled cases throughout Illinois, we have the expertise and experience to settle your case successfully. Our fees are contingent upon successful settlement of your case, what that means is we don’t get paid until you win.

Determining Fault in a Truck Accident

Establishing proof in your truck accident case is essential to winning your case. We cannot stress enough the importance of getting witness statements, police reports and full documentation of all events surrounding your truck accident. Documentation could include photos of the crash, medical records and receipts for treatment, prescription receipts and documenting time lost from work.

As with a car accident, we understand the possibility of extenuating circumstances that may have led to your truck accident. Many factors are involved in any injury accident, not just those involving big rigs. Truck accidents are often caused by a combination of several factors, some of which may include, but are not limited to; human error, unsafe cargo, driver negligence, weather conditions, inexperienced drivers, other vehicles, overtired truck drivers, and unlicensed drivers.

Trucking Laws & Regulations

The experienced truck accident attorneys at our law firm understand trucking laws and regulations. We know that current regulations require big rig drivers to take breaks to keep them from driving overtired. Truck drivers are required to carry any licenses that are required, not only to operate their vehicle, but also any permits required for their cargo – including hazardous materials.

Truck accident cases are extremely complicated, that is why you need an experienced Illinois law firm like the attorneys at Karchmar & Lambert, P.C. to defend your rights in your trucking accident injury case.

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