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Our personal injury law firm represents people and families with these cases:

>>Nursing Home Abuse, Neglect & Negligence

We help the victims of nursing home abuse, neglect and negligence.

Placing a family member or loved one into a nursing home or elder care facility is never an easy decision. The fact of the matter is that at some point in our lives, as we age – all people will need some help and assistance from others. People who live in nursing homes are often times vulnerable, and depend on the care and the people of the facility to take care of them. Due to this vulnerability, nursing home residents depend on the staff, medical professionals and the administrators of these facilities. We expect and trust that the nursing home employees will treat their residents with respect, empathy and kindness. In addition, state and federal laws mandate this. However, in today’s society many residents do become victims of nursing home abuse, neglect and negligence. You can learn more here.

>>Motor Vehicle & Transportation Accidents

We help the victims of car, motorcycle and truck accidents.

The attorneys at Karchmar & Lambert, P.C. help the people of Chicago and the Chicagoland suburbs who have been hurt or injured in motor vehicle accidents. We have a team of aggressive and experienced personal injury and accident lawyers. Your well being is the most important aspect of your case and we will fight to ensure your physical and emotional injuries are compensated for. You can learn more here.

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>>Dog & Animal Bites

Dog bite injuries can be severe. If you or your loved one have been hurt or injures due to a dog or animal bite, contact the personal injury attorneys at Karchmar & Lambert, P.C. today for help. You can learn more here.

>>Slip & Fall Accidents & Injuries

Slip and Fall injuries are handled under the umbrella of Premises Liability. If the property owner does not practice reasonable care to protect the occupants or visitors of that property, the owner may be held liable. If you have been hurt or injured in a slip and fall accident, contact the personal injury attorneys at Karchmar & Lambert, P.C. for help. There are NO fees unless we recover damages for you. You can learn more here.

>>Premises Liability

Premises can be defined as a building, and or the land it is on. Whatever happens on those premises is the responsibility of the owner of the property, or premises, and can therefore be held liable. The injury attorneys at Karchmar & Lambert, P.C. help people who have been the hurt or injured in premise liability cases. You can learn more here.

>>Wrongful Death

When a person is killed by another’s negligence, the deceased person’s beneficiaries (heirs) may be able to file a wrongful death claim. Karchmar & Lambert, P.C., wrongful death attorneys, have the experience and knowledge to help those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. You can learn more here.

>>Police Misconduct

We help people and families of those that have been the victim of police misconduct in the United States. We work to help you stand up for your civil rights, and to help you or your loved one get the justice and compensation that is deserved. You can learn more here.


  • $5 million dollar judgement for a wrongful death  
  • $5 million settlement for a woman involved in a bus accident that resulted in a partial leg loss
  • $3.25 million dollars for the family of a 14 year old boy who drowned on a school field trip
  • $1.9 million for woman wrongfully arrested and then found dead in a Texas jail cell); Settlement also forced policy changes in a manner never done before.
  • $3,000,000 million dollars for a woman involved in a auto / truck collision
  • $1.5 million for man hit by travel van
  • $1,125,000 million dollars for a woman who drowned in Lake Michigan
  • $500,000 for a father mistakenly locked in a visitor’s room at the Cook County Jail
  • $550,000 – car accident
  • $522,500 – car accident
  • $500,000 – resolution for a concussion and facial injury
  • $500,000 – dog bite
  • $500,000 – car accident / auto crash w/ a broken leg
  • $500,000 – department store shooting
  • $360,000 – pedestrian injury
  • $300,000 – automobile accident
  • $275,000 – nursing home negligence resolution
  • $246,428.01 – police misconduct
  • $250,000 and under – too numerous to list

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